Tax Resubmission

Nothing is perfect. Sometimes your tax declaration work from the past periods contains errors. This happens all the time. However, there are certain things business owners should know about these past errors. 

The law only allows three years back tax resubmission. If errors were made two years ago and you just detected them recently. It is not too late, resubmit now. You just have to pay the interest rate accumulated for the period (two years). However, if you ignore, things can go complicated. If seriously enough, it can cause to whole business to close down. 

LBC strongly urges you hire people with enough competence in accounting and tax to do the declaration with the authorities (GDT) on your behalf, or it could turn to be a nightmare.


Tax Review  

LBC also offers Tax Review service. If business owners want to prepare the tax declaration themselves and wish to seek confirmation from us, feel free to contact us for this service. At LBC, we have the experts who will help you with this. Let us serve you with our utmost pleasure.

Business Meeting

Tax Resubmission/Review